Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A High Degree of Difficulty

One of Addie's weak points is her ability to transition from surface to surface, climb stairs, etc.
She is doing so much better climbing stairs if she has a hand rail on each side to hold onto, but otherwise, it is impossible.
Addie has no concept of falling, transitional spaces or that she should pay attention to her feet - basically the ability to watch where she is going.

She is very much accustomed to her playground at school and it serves as a weekly spot for therapy.
She can maneuver throughout the playground as long as a teacher or therapist is with her.
She is so very proud of her ability to play with her friends!

While we see her progress in that familiar setting, other settings prove to be an enormous challenge and an enormous safety hazard.

While other parents sit back and watch their children play, we always have to be right with Addie.
I can't take her to the park without Chris or Julien there with me.
We have to be able to work as a team to help her through and to constantly cue her on what to do.

It's a lot of very hard work for Addie...
but the rewards are always worth it!