Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baseball, Traffic, Football and Baby Carli

We had a ton of things to accomplish on Saturday.
We started off our day by leaving my car at the car doctor, then we proceeded south to watch a very special baseball game, immediately followed by a mad dash back to pick up my car, only to get stuck in football traffic (Roll Tide...), which left us just minutes to retrieve my car before closing time, followed by a pit stop to pick up some meds for Addie, followed by a spur of the moment trip to Mother's to watch the game...and check on the baby.

Addie was momentarily entertained by her new book from Chick-Fil-A.
I love that place simply because Addie loves it and is always so happy with the new books that come with her meal.
In fact, Addie has learned to spot a Chick-Fil-A restaurant and when she does, we hear, "Fruit? Chicken?".
Sweet girl knows what she wants!
It's yet one more connection that she has made.
One more connection that brings us such joy!
Sweet Baby Girl felt just awful!
The sunshine and change of scenery was good for her though!
Many of you who live within the State of Alabama know that when the question,
"What does the elephant say?"
is posed to a child,
the appropriate answer is always:
"Roll Tide!"

When my brother asks Addie the question,
"What does the tiger say?"
He thinks the appropriate response is always:
"War Beagle!"

My poor baby girl is so confused!

Once we finally made it past game day traffic and made the stop for meds, we made it to Mother's....
and to see the baby.
I never in a million years - ever - thought my Mother would put a sweater on her dog.
However, seeing as how Carli is not a dog, it makes perfect sense that she requires a full wardrobe just as any other baby would.