Monday, September 05, 2011

"Smoldering Plum"

The vast majority of the time, I make a point of getting up way before Addie so that I can shower and get ready for my day before the little Monkey wakes from her slumber.
It just didn't happen that way this weekend.
Our weekend was all about trying to catch up on life and so I didn't put much effort into how I looked.
I had no problem sitting with Monkey on the couch while I put on my make-up and I didn't have a problem handing her one of my compacts for her to "look" at.
She was so quiet and happy, that I just didn't see the point in ruining the moment.'s one of those moments that I treasure because it was never supposed to happen.
I have no pity for Alley-Brat.
Nobody was forcing her to stay and she must have been feeling a little washed out and in need of some color.

Chris was up in the attic while this was taking place.
After I took the pictures and removed Brat-Cat from the couch, I told Addie that we were "all done" and that it was time to go and get cleaned up.
On the way up the stairs, I told her that she did such a good job putting make-up on the kitty and on Mommy and that we would stop and show her Daddy before we washed it off.
Chris was right in the middle of a mess of his own, so he barely got a look at the little Monkey or me and he really missed out.
Next time, I will just leave it on Addie, Brat-Cat and me and see how long it takes for him to notice!