Saturday, September 10, 2011


Although not always easy, I do try to find the humor in our everyday situations.
It occurred to me not long after Addie was born that there are some things in life that Chris and I will never have to worry about because of Addie's diagnosis.
Things that the parent of a "typical" child will have to worry about.
For example, we will never have to worry about Addie being suspended from school for "decorating" school property the night before homecoming and we won't have to worry about Addie getting a speeding ticket.
In present time, there are situations that are easier for us because of Addie's diagnosis.
My thoughts do not downplay Addie's struggles, but help us cope each day.
Addie is a child that we can take into a store and we don't have to worry about her asking for things.
She may see things that catch her eye and if I stop and pick it up and show it to her, she is satisfied and I can return the item to the shelf.
Today, Chris and I had the lovely task of heading to a local store that we have not stepped foot into in a very long time.
During our trip, we had to meander down the oral hygiene aisle.
I was looking at new toothbrushes for Addie, searching for the brand that I trust, when I heard Addie say, "bear".
Considering she doesn't usually initiate random words, she had my full attention.
I looked over and she was pointing at a Winnie the Pooh Toothbrush:
I reached over and grabbed the toothbrush and handed it to Addie.
She was so excited to see the little bear on the toothbrush.
She took the toothbrush, turned and dropped it into the shopping cart.
Today goes down in the books.
It was absolutely wonderful to get to shop with my sweet baby girl.
Nothing made her happier than that stupid bear toothbrush.
When we pass by other children in the store who are screaming and crying for one thing or another, I always reach down and kiss my sweet Addie.
It is yet one more reminder of how very lucky and blessed we are.


Granna said...

She has been full of surprises lately!

jennohara said...

Oh so sweet! I guess this one would go down in the books! You are indeed very blessed!