Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Over Yet

Chunk is still having a tough time.
The ear infection is definitely not improving, her eyes still look awful - although they do look better today, and she spent the day fighting off a low grade fever and refusing to eat.
Julien was away for the weekend and Chris was out of town, so we had a very quiet day.
I do realize that all it will take is for me to pick up the telephone tomorrow morning and Addie will have new meds called into the pharmacy, I was just really wishing that this wouldn't be so difficult for her - all over again.

When we went to see Dr. Davis last week, Addie was such a good girl. 
While in the waiting room, she was shaking with fear. 
She crawled onto my lap and just put her head on my shoulder. 
Once in the room, she was so good and compliant and never cried.
Although she is so frightened, she is so brave and I'm sure her bravery comes from knowing that Dr. Davis and his staff are always so sweet to her.
Maybe this week will be better for her!