Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Addie's Special Education Teacher (Laura) called me today to tell me about Addie's therapy session.

One of the activities today was identifying fall pictures.  The goal was to have Addie imitate as many words as possible.

Laura was going through the pictures with Addie when they came to a picture of a football.

Laura said that Addie spontaneously said, "Football.  Julien.".

Now THAT was phone call worthy and one heck of a way to brighten this awfully dreary day!

Not only did Addie spontaneously say, "football" but she again made the connection to Julien.

Laura and I were absolutely thrilled!!!!

Little connections continue to be made.  Each little bit of progress brings us so much joy!


jennohara said...

Awesome!!! It's SO amazing what joy such little words can bring!