Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Give and Receive

Unbeknownst to sweet Addie, she sold a couple of her toys that she never plays with.
It was hard for us to see them go, despite us knowing that they were going to a loving home.
Addie was more than thrilled when we pulled up in front of the book store and I told her that Miss Paula gave her some money so that she could buy some new books.
Books and Babies are Addie's very favorite things!
When we walked into the store, Addie was all about finding her books and she took her time looking at everything.
Although she checked out Elmo, he did not make the cut.
She brought Elmo over and then quickly decided he needed to go back on the shelf.
Addie finally decided on a new CD and book for the car and a new Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? book since she loved her last one so much that she destroyed it.

Her favorite part was the time spent playing with the Thomas the Train display.
The mess on the floor did not belong to my child although we did clean it up, it proved to be a major tripping hazard to my sweet girl.
We had a nice and drama free time!


Granna said...

As a librarian, this post obviously makes me smile!