Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...

I scheduled today off work to take care of something incredibly important.
When I left work yesterday to meet my Mom to get Julien - from the doctor - I felt completely and totally miserable.
Just because I had something incredibly important to take care of today, I ended up with strep. 
After spending the first part of my day conversing with my amazingly wonderful physician where he told me that if I wasn't better by Friday, I needed to be back in his office...
I came home and didn't get one second of rest and I didn't take care of that very important thing. 
A day off not exactly spent as planned...
On the brighter side of things, Julien starts PT in the morning for a "temporarily dislocated" kneecap. 
We are very excited about that. 
On the very incredibly bright side of things, it is all fixable AND Chunk-Chunk is in HER bed SLEEPING as I type this. 
Thank heavens!

Speaking of Monkus, this is a very stressful week for us. 
She is going through her transition process to her new room at school. 
Monkey's special education teacher went to the school and taught a class, then met with the new teachers and has scheduled another training class coming up soon. 
The entire process is going well and Monkey's first full day in her new classroom is Monday. 
More coming soon on that.