Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer Camp - Week Four

This weeks theme - Independence Day!

Not everyone can arise from their slumber looking their best.
Men wonder exactly why it takes women so long to get ready to go anywhere.
It's because of situations like this:
I'm not exactly sure what happened to her hair, but when I walked into her room and she sat up to look at me, there was one phrase from way back in 1992ish that immediately entered my mind. 
I would personally like to thank Martin Lawrence for making that phrase a permanent part of my long-term memory. 
Although Addie was exhausted and having a very bad hair day, she did humor me and managed to glance at the camera.

Thank the heavens above that Addie is blessed with amazing teachers! 
Not only do they care for her each day by teaching her, protecting her and loving her....they also manage to fix the things that I cannot.
Ms. Kyndria took the time out of her busy day to braid Addie's hair. 
It is my understanding that the braiding of the hair pretty much took place as soon as Ms. Kyndria got into the classroom.
Thank goodness. 

June 29, 2011