Sunday, July 31, 2011


My Mom is really sick.
I'm really fed up with it.
I want her better and I'm tired of waiting for it to happen.
She sees her Pulmonologist tomorrow and her Cardiologist on Thursday.
It would be oh so appreciated if they would just go ahead and fix her.

We saw her tonight and during our conversation, she was telling me about a little chat she had with my brother (Hi Skizoke!).

Although things are even more stressful right now for me than they have been in a long time, I am trying to just get through it without an enormous amount of complaining.

I recently asked my brother for help with something, but it was like an act of congress just to get his help.  Not because he didn't want to help, but because of his schedule and the awful stress he is under at his job.
I understand.
I absolutely understand and didn't let it bother me.

Well, apparently it bothered my Mother....

because her little chat with my brother, according to her, went something along the lines of:

"I understand that you are under a lot of stress at work right now.  The way that I figure it, you have about 25 years until retirement, so the stress isn't going anywhere.  Your sister needs your help right now.  This is her time to have a mental breakdown, you can have yours any time within the next 25 years.  So if she needs your help, help her."


Hey...I didn't tattle...

and I think it's perfectly awesome that my Mother has given me permission to have a mental breakdown.
That's like even way more prestigious than getting a pardon from the governor.
I can't decide if I'm excited about it or if it takes all the fun out of it now that I've been given permission.

Either way, I have a free pass to hit meltdown.

I don't think my Mother discussed this with Chris in advance.  Poor guy...


Nicole said...

Proceed with breakdown!

Donna said...

My mom never spent money on herself. Certainly not for anything that wasn't deemed "useful". But one year, on vacation, she bought herself a plaque that continues to hang in her kitchen. It was while she was trying to work, run a household and two children, one of whom was VERY difficult (no, not me). The plaque says:

"As soon as the rush is over, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I worked for it. I owe it to myself. And no one is going to deprive me of it!"