Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dancing Queen!

We had an absolutely wonderful time on Day Two of our visit despite Chris, Julien and I having varying moments of controlled rage.

There are many times when we live by the mindset that kids don't intend harm or "kids are kids" and just ignore the amazingly annoying things that they do.

I suppose that it was the nightmare of a night we had with Addie in the hours proceeding our museum visit, but we had pretty much zero tolerance for the stares and reactions of other kids.

Things went well until we approached the Performing Arts Gallery.
Addie was immediately attracted to this exhibit because of all of the music.
There were over sized musical instruments lined up facing each other in a little hallway area.
There were tons of children and lots of music and as we approached, I swear it was like the parting of the Red Sea.
The music stopped and the children turned to stare at Addie.
I completely acted like I didn't notice a thing.
The teacher in charge of the summer camp told the children that they "had to share with everybody" but she might as well have been talking to the paint on the wall.
There was zero response from anyone.
I kept talking to Addie and telling her about the instruments and then directed her over to one of the smaller music rooms.
We didn't let the situation ruin the moment, but we had our typical, "wow..that was nice" comments once we were alone.

After leaving one of the smaller music rooms, Addie heard more music and ran over to a room filled with loud music and lots of lights!
Addie loves to dance!
She ran right in and started dancing around with her hands on her hips...and had not a care in the world.
Seconds later she was the only child remaining in the room.

Yay for crowds to deal with.
We were determined to ignore every negative response and we did.

We had a very nice time and Addie was thrilled to explore the entire museum!