Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fungus and Side Shows

One of my many favorite things about being a Mom is my ability to be wrong and embarrassed. 
Truly, it has to be one of my favorite things, because it happens so often.

Monday was a remarkably atrocious day for many, many reasons.
One of those reasons was because Julien wasn't "feeling well", but couldn't really tell me what it was that was making him "not feel well"...which meant that I may or may not have completely felt his outwardly display of drama was warranted.

Tuesday morning when he awoke he asked me to make him a doctors appointment.  I was in shock.  He never, ever wants to see the doctor unless he really does not feel well.  I called in an effort to get him in to see our pediatrician, but as luck would have it, he was out of the office.  In his place, was a "new to the practice" doctor who was more than available to cure my child of his "not feeling well".

Turns out that my child just so happened to be running a fever and was complaining of strep-like symptoms, which thankfully, was not.  The "new to the practice" doctor was as sweet as she could be, checked Julien for every available contagious funk before sending us on our way.  So good to know that I didn't waste a good chunk of my afternoon and an office visit copay for nothing.  It was also good to know that I am a horrible Mother for doubting my oldest child in his fungus harboring time of misery.

After adding in a whole bunch of ridiculousness throughout the rest of my afternoon and evening, I finally decided that I was going to throw all adult responsibility in the trash and I was making the time to take Addie to the "big pool" for the first time this summer.  She was thrilled!

Addie obviously remembered her pool bag and puddle jumper from last year, because as soon as she saw it, she was doing her best to get undressed and put on her puddle jumper. 

Once we got to the pool, she approached the pool like a pro, let me help her in and then proceeded to take full ownership of the baby pool.  She was so happy to "swim" and float and be as nosey as possible.  When another little girl was packing up to leave, we decided to do the same.  Surely if Addie saw other children leaving, she would understand that it was indeed time for us to go as well.

It didn't quite happen like that though.

Our exit from the pool involved lots of crying, screaming, snot and tears.

Unfortunately, the other pool guests are people in our community and sadly enough - our coworkers.  It's not like we could just slip away unnoticed.  So I would like to personally thank my youngest child for the show she put on last night.  I am certain that the other pool members are so anxiously awaiting our next visit.  There's a reason alcohol isn't prohibited at the pool....