Friday, July 29, 2011

Perfectly Understandable

A few weeks back we took a little trip.

Our first stop on the trip involved an $80 tour through hell.
We watched Addie scream as the lady with the outrageously loud microphone talked to us about the penguins. 
We have no idea if it was the lady or the penguins that had Addie totally freaked out
but we so totally got why this would have sent her into a screaming fit.
This....yep, looks a bit odd
and this poor little guy just looks sad....
Julien tried to comfort Monkey by showing her the pretty fish
but, this wasn't exactly what fit the description of a pretty, stress relieving tour of the fish.

So finally, I took Chunkus out of the aquarium and asked my husband if he could think of any other way we could throw $80 down the drain.
Before he could answer, I decided we would give it one more try...right after we purchased the penguin souvenirs in remembrance of the fabulous experience that we and our fellow aquarium goers got to indulge in on a scorching hot Monday morning.

Addie refused to look at the camera.
I think her shirt had melted onto mine.
We were drenched in sweat and the only thing that makes that better is when you are drenched in sweat, while all snuggled up next to complete strangers during an aquarium tour with a screaming child attached to your hip.

I swear I was waiting for the fish to start boiling.


jennohara said...

Man oh man...sounds like a blast! :)
Sorry it was so hot...and I totally understand why she would be afraid of the fish!, really? I've never seen a scarier shark!!