Saturday, July 02, 2011

Halfway Through Summer

We finally happened upon a pair of sandal type shoes that accommodate Addie's shoe inserts.
I do not believe there is any need to point out that they are our beloved Lelli Kelly's,
I must point out that my dear friend Patti is the one who sent me the email telling me that our favorite Lelli Kelly shoe store was having a sale and that it was a must that I check it out.

So far, we have acquired just one new pair.
This one new pair caused Chris and I so much grief that it is a wonder that we did not throw them out into the woods for the bears to munch on.

We have no idea why of all the shoes Addie has owned, that she decided that these were the pair of shoes that she had to put on all by herself...
beginning in the store.
She hit meltdown in the store,
meltdown in the car,
serious, serious meltdown in the car,
and even more meltdown once we made it home.

There was lots of shoe throwing and tantrums taking place.

Until finally, Chris distracted her long enough for me to hide them for the evening.

Before that took place, Chris and I both took turns sitting with Addie and trying to help her understand how to put each shoe on her little feet.

As of today, she still requires a great deal of assistance,
she is interested and has the desire to learn how to put on her shoes.

Despite the tantrums, shoe throwing and crying, we are so very proud of our determined and very stubborn little Monkey!


jennohara said...

Sounds like Hanna a little! I went to the dollar store today and bought a pair of fake crocs for her to put on by herself because she throws a fit every time we go out.
Addie will get those in no time! :) They're darling little shoes by the way.