Saturday, July 30, 2011

She Owned the Place

After dancing her heart out, we moved on over to home living.

When we entered that area, a museum employee greeted us and told us very briefly what was available in the area and told us to make ourselves at home.
(what a boost to us....)

Addie went in without any hesitation and made herself right at home.
Chris, Julien and I sat down at the kitchen table and Addie took over from there.

She found food in the refrigerator, washed it in the sink before placing it into the oven to cook.
She gathered plates and utensils for us and even stopped long enough to answer the telephone, before telling the caller to "have a good day".

Sweet Addie did have a good day.

As a side note, everywhere we went in this museum we saw employees cleaning.
As you can imagine, that absolutely thrilled me.
All the exhibits were nice and clean and all the employees were incredibly nice and helpful!