Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sick Feet

Although Addie's cognitive abilities are quite delayed, she has amazing attention to detail.
She will notice any bump, bruise, scratch, blemish, pen mark or fleck of mascara on someone.
If someone changes their hair, she notices;
if a light bulb is out, she notices;
if a shoe is untied, a button left unbuttoned, a toothbrush out of its holder, she notices...everything;
and heaven forbid, if she sees a bandage.
Life just comes crashing down.

I have started bringing out more of Julien's old books.
The "more complex" books for Addie.

She has been accustomed to the board books, but the "advanced" books have way more detail...
and she noticed.

She noticed the one detail in the whole entire book that made her world just come crashing down.

Thank you - so very much - Dr. Seuss - for feeling the need to include bandages on the "Sick Feet".


That little bright idea has caused me to spend several hours of my life trying to convince a little Monkey that the sick feet were really OK.

Many of you may not understand that unlike a bratty child who is trying to get attention by creating drama, Addie seemingly has no awareness that this little guy...really is OK.

Her heart hurts for him. 

So finally, I just had to hide the book from her until I had a chance to copy the "well feet" from a previous page and cut and paste him over the "sick feet".
When I gave the book back to Addie, she looked through it time and time again and gave it back to me, while asking for "help".
She wanted to see the sick feet again, but I explained to her that his feet were "all better" and he was sleepy time.

We haven't completely moved past the sick feet, but she has yet to figure out my little trick.
For now, Seuss Land life is good.


jennohara said...

Only an awesome mommy like you would go through the trouble of cutting and pasting the pages! Addie is too sweet for words.