Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun For $2.99

I ran across this little fish and thought he would make the perfect addition to Addie's pool.
"Fish" is one of the easier words for Addie to say and the first time she saw him, she said exactly that.
I showed her how to pull the string in order to make the fish "go".
So, we worked to get her grasp just right on the string and she finally did it all by herself and
was more than thrilled with the results!
She tried it again
and again.
Each time, she thought it was awfully neat.
It wasn't easy work
but she was dedicated to completing the task
and was so very happy with her work that she had no desire to actually put the fish into the water...

until she realized that the fish could actually swim. 
Of all the cheap summer toys, this one was worth each penny spent.

July 10, 2011