Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Our three day weekend involved lots of fungus, mucus, low grade fevers, crying, sleeping, playing golf, boating, four-wheeler riding and camping.

When it came time for the thought of fireworks to enter our minds, a humongous storm came through.
It wasn't awful enough to actually stop anyone from lighting up the night sky.

Fungus girl slept through it all...

after I unbraided her hair and got her all cozied in a pair of pajamas with a proper dose of feel good meds coursing through her system.

Thing 1's green hair is slowly fading.
It hurts my feelings not one single bit.

I guess I am going to have to pick up the phone tomorrow and see which oh so lucky provider is going to get a visit from us.
I have rescheduled my own appointments four times - literally - I think all doctors officially hate me now.
Wish me luck that we can get fungus girl in to see someone.
I can only take so much mucus and tears before I start begging for professional assistance.
I think tonight I officially hit the limit.

Fungus Update
Since we have the most amazing ENT - in the entire world - Fungus Girl is back on antibiotics.
We should see a tremendous improvement within the next few days!