Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Monkus

I somehow managed to make it home from work the other day despite the awful, awful migraine.
I handed Chunkus Monkus off to Chris so that she could have her bath and begged him for no less than twenty minutes to myself.
I found a comfy change of clothes, my meds and these sticky, cool, pain reliever thingies that promise to take the pain away, grabbed a cold washcloth for the back of my neck and retreated to the couch, all the while praying that I wouldn't throw up.

When Chunkus made it back downstairs,she saw me on the couch and started to get upset.
She has a thing about bandages when they are on the face or head.
It completely freaks her out.
So as soon as she saw me, I had to take it off.
I gave it to her in an effort to calm her down by letting her touch it and telling her that it was OK.
She walked into the kitchen, found Chris and started pointing at the water dispenser on the fridge.
Chris grabbed a cup, helped Addie get some water and instead of her drinking it, she brought it to me.
She then patted her head in empathy and "asked" me to help her put the strip on her forehead.

She took it off and had to examine her head to make sure that the strip didn't actually cause any damage before she had me help her put it back on.

Just pitiful.