Monday, August 02, 2010

Our friends at Children's E.R. Department!

After our visit with Dr. Ness and then the stop at the lab for the mean blood work, we headed down to the E.R. to see an amazing group of people that we honestly don't see often enough!
This group of people began supporting Addie three years ago and have been amazing in showing their support, checking in on us and being ever so gracious when we stop by for a visit.
(Staci, don't hate me for the's too cute!)
A little bribery goes a long way...
Addie and Julien always leave the E.R. feeling like they just won the lottery - most of you will remember one of the most unforgetable prizes that Addie brought home - Big Bertha.

Addie was so amazing this time.

She picked out one little baby as her prize, but when another baby was shown to her, she traded the babies (I would like to think that she knows it's nice to share and not nice to hoard things.).
She was very happy and content with the baby and then someone offered Addie a blanket for her baby.
She immediately declined the blanket because she thought she would have to trade the baby for the blanket, but once she knew that it was okay to have both, she was thrilled.
She "asked" Julien to take baby out of the wrapper for her and then took baby to be swaddled...

She then loved on the baby all the way back to school, took the baby into school with her and placed the baby and the blanket in her cubby.

Since baby and blanket became a part of our family, Addie has carried her into every corner of our house.

Right now, baby is residing in my bed and in the morning, Addie will want to get onto my bed and search for her so that she can take her back to school tomorrow.

Sweet Addie is such a good Mommy.

Thank you guys for making us feel so special!
We are so honored and we are so thankful for you!


Nicole said...

It was great seeing you guys again! They have both gotten SO tall!


and would you believe we were there right after you guys. one of these days i am going to meet that sweet miracle baby:)!