Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A word of advice

If you have children - of any age - please do not place them on tall objects or let go of their hands while walking with them for the remainder of this week.

Apparently, my presence or the general association of knowing me is causing children to fall and get hurt.

Case #1 - At dance, a little girl fell and got quite the awful, bleeding, swollen, bruised boo-boo on her forehead. It was terrible because we all saw it happen, but it was so fast that none of the parents could prevent it.

Case #2 - One of Addie's sweet little friends fell onto a concrete sidewalk and ended up in the E.R. with a skull fracture - thank goodness he will be okay...

Case #3 - Chris and I were at a local Deli when a little boy was walking to get a drink, lost his footing and slid right into the counter. O-U-C-H.

Case #4 - The little Monkey was sitting on my bed surrounded by six pillows. I turned to go into the bathroom and before Chris could grab her, she fell - head first - off my bed. Five of the six pillows and the extra soft wool rug - broke her fall. She basically landed on a bed of fluff - luckily it was just her feelings that were hurt!

Case #5 - While at an appointment today, Julien and I heard the situation unfold as a baby fell off the exam table (from what we gathered listening to the Mom) in the room next to ours. There wasn't mass panic, so it appears that the baby is fine.

All of this since Saturday.

So...please keep your children safe in your arms or with their feet securely planted on the ground and please make sure to keep them away from any stray banana peels that might be laying around.