Monday, August 30, 2010

Blame it on the rain...

or the fact that I got into bed at 4:10 a.m. (thanks to my husband for noting the exact time I crawled into bed).

I was beyond irritated yesterday and the filter that I try so desperately to keep on my mouth - was gone.

In the midst of putting Addie's shoes on so that we could get to football practice, while my husband was in bed incredibly sick, the following conversation took place:

Julien: "Mom, why don't you buy Addie a pair of flip-flops?"

Evil Wretched Mother: "Addie has a hard enough time walking in athletic shoes with inserts, much less trying to walk in shoes that are guaranteed to be a tripping hazard."

Julien: "Well, you need to buy her shoes so that she will fit in."

Evil Wretched Mother with a Snarky uncalled for tone: "She will never fit in. It doesn't matter what shoes we buy her, she will never fit in. People will always find a reason to make fun of her!"

Julien: "I just want her to fit in, Mom."

Evil Wretched Mother: "I know Julien." "We just have to pray to God that she will continue to be surrounded by loving friends like she has now."

Julien: "Can we just put her in her other shoes or buy her some sandals?"

....he didn't want Addie to wear her "special" shoes to his football practice....all the other little girls and Mom's wear their summer shoes and he felt Addie should as well.

Every little detail matters and it's amazing the things that he picks up on.

Evil Wretched Mother grabbed Addie's Lelli Kelly's and out the door we went.


jennohara said...

Oh I couldn't think of any cuter shoes than her little Lelli Kelly's.
Juliens just looking out for his little sister. You are so lucky to have them both.