Thursday, August 12, 2010

The best part of the morning drive

is when we arrive at daycare and the screaming Monkey is calm and quiet Monkey realizes that we are approaching the field with the horses.
We roll down the windows on the car and wave to the horses and then the little Monkey yells out and tells the horses "bye-bye" and we tell them to have a good day!
The sweet joy on her face is priceless!Although, I do think it's a little bit rude that they never even acknowledge us...

This scenario is oh so similar to one when Julien was much younger than the little Monkey.
We would always pass this house that had a group of deer out on their land.
These deer stood in the exact same place for years - never, ever moving.
Each time we would drive by, Julien would get really excited to see the deer and we would roll down the windows and say "hello" to the deer.
It wasn't until much later that Julien finally asked me why the deer never moved and became a little suspicious over their activity level...