Monday, February 08, 2010


I hear voices in my head.
I have self diagnosed and am absolutely certain that I cannot be clinically classified as having a dissociative identity disorder.
Yet, the voices remain.
There are many voices:
Those that tell me to smile politely;
Those that tell me to bite my tongue;
Those that tell me that carbs really are not my friend;
Those that talk me through backing out of the tiniest of parking spots;
Those that ask me why I ever bought such a long vehicle if I hated parking so much;
Those that tell me I need more rest;
Those that tell me it's okay if I'm having a bad day - other people do too;
There are many, many more voices;
One voice in particular told me that there is no shame in hoarding buying three pairs of Lelli Kelly's because they were on sale and braces might just fit into the Lelli Kelly's and that I was smart to buy three pairs at one time.
I like that voice. That voice makes me happy.
Oh, just for the fun of it, we'll call that voice..."Patti".
It's one of my happier voices.


Nicole said...

Patti speaks often to me as well.... She get's me into SO much trouble!

jennohara said...

Those voices also speak to me.
When it comes to things like shoes, I give in to the "pressure" from those voices. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "Patti" is very reasonable, logical and smart. I like the way she thinks. I love this post and love the shoes.