Monday, August 30, 2010

Yes, I know how very blessed we are.

Today we had our follow-up with Dr. Metz.

Addie cooperated fully and was just wonderful although it was a lengthy appointment since she had to have her eyes dilated.
When we first arrived, Addie hit meltdown in the waiting room.
I managed to exit the waiting room with absolutely no dignity intact, took Addie into the hallway for a mini-exorcism and when we returned back to the waiting room, she was perfectly fabulous!
Dr. Metz's assistant, Michelle, was beyond wonderful. She was so sweet to Addie and managed to get all the drops into her eyes without any fussing - from any of us.
Dr. Metz is just amazing and was pleased to see Addie doing so well. He was kind and asked me how Addie was doing. He genuinely wanted to know how she has been- which I thought was wonderful.
He said that nothing has changed since our last visit when Addie was sixteen-months old.

That is wonderful news!

He was (I think) a bit surprised at how normal all components of Addie's vision is. He said that he typically sees abnormalities in "children with similar"(he never finished his sentence)...

We don't have another follow-up for TWO YEARS!
Don't think for one second that I didn't leave there feeling incredibly guilty. I know how blessed we are and I know many other families have children that struggle with loss of vision, lack of mobility, seizures, etc...that we were told would be a part of Addie's condition. It hurts my heart to see others endure that pain.

Our road is definitely not an easy one, but I do know that it could be so much more difficult. I can only pray that our journey provides hope and encouragement to others, because there are times when I am the one that needs the hope and encouragement.
I thank GOD for our blessings.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
Addie wasn't particularly thrilled with having a camera flashed in her eyes and she wasn't real thrilled with having blurry vision all night.


jennohara said...

Yay!!! Great news! 2 years? That's awesome...she's so cute, Jenn.
I'm so glad her eyes are so perfect!

Julie said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!! YAY ADDIE! We just love Dr. Metz!