Sunday, August 22, 2010

THE Wedding

August 13, 2010

Most of you will remember Trevin and for those of you who need a refresher you can click here and here.
The time since I met The Campbell Family has flown by and it was a sincere honor to be present for Trevin's wedding.

This was such a sweet moment - they were walking back in for the reception...with sweet Trenton by their side.
The moment left me speechless and fighting back the tears. Speaking of sweet Trenton, he was fabulous during the wedding and reception and looked perfectly handsome walking with his Mommy... but yet was not impressed with having a camera flashed in his face at a moment when he just wanted a hug from his Daddy. Of course I didn't get a lot of in-between pictures, but I took a moment to capture Trevin leaving - mainly because I was absolutely certain that I was going to be the cause of a massive fire. Since I am ever so graceful, I opted out of the sparklers and chose to stand back and watch the display.
The entire evening was beautiful and I was so glad to be a part of it!