Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Trying to be pitiful

In the stinky elevator in the parking deck, Addie tried her best to look just absolutely pitiful.
Not over the Coban wrapped tightly around her arm, but over the I.D. bracelet on her leg.
As for the Coban and the mean lab work, this was one very rare occasion when Addie took issue with getting her blood drawn.
She had tears just streaming down her face, which upset Julien terribly.
I remembered the lady who took Addie's blood from the last time we had to go to clinic lab, she is the one who was so incredibly sweet to us and took it upon herself to clean up the mess on Addie's left arm that was left by someone that wasn't as detailed with their care (Ahem).
Anyway, I could have given this woman a huge hug, she was amazing with Addie, found a vein and had the whole process over and done with in a matter of what felt like seconds.
Addie didn't freak out over the needle or the was those silly gloves!
What the heck?!


Julie said...

Daisy has started getting very upset over those gloves too! We took her to the dentist the other day... and as SOON as they put those gloves on, she LOST it. Needless to say, that visit didn't go well at all.