Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lets take a break from pictures to talk about one of my most embarrassing moments...ever.
Since last Friday - the 13th - there has been one awful thing after another after another and I'm really just fed up with all the mess.
Today was no exception.
Inside of this little bag are my shoes.
My comfy "walking around the hospital" shoes.
I put them into this bag and put them by the basement door so that I wouldn't forget them this morning.
The bag was still sitting in the exact same place when I got home tonight.
I have no idea how I walked around the bag in order to leave this morning.

Today was one of those days, rushing from here to there and back heels.

The heels that are comfortable enough when I'm walking around at work, but today was filled with lots of walking:

to the car
into daycare
back out to the car
into work
back out to the car
down one level of the most disgusting hospital parking deck I have ever, ever seen
into the hospital
down hallway, after hallway, after hallway, in the elevator, down the hallway...reverse
out of the smelly hospital
back up the ramp of the most disgusting park deck ever

That's when I decided that I needed to stop at the bank, but by that time, I had had enough of walking in my I opted for the drive-through.
Simple enough - my transaction was prepared in advance, I pulled up, rolled down the car window and placed my transaction into the little drawer.
The girl "finished" my transaction, stuck the receipt into the drawer for me to sign.

I retrieved it, signed it and stuck it back in the drawer.

The girl wasn't paying attention and out of the drawer my signed transaction receipt went - proudly displaying my signature and personal information.

The girl asked me where it went and I oh so nicely told her that it flew out of the drawer, but that I would pull forward and retrieve the receipt because she had to scan my signature back in before she would give it to me - along with my driver's license.

I got out of the car in my heels and dress - in the Alabama August heat, tracked down the receipt and as I was turning to get back into my car, someone started to pull in behind me.
So...I walked up to the drive-through window, put the stupid receipt back into the drawer and waited for the girl to scan the receipt and give me back my driver's license.

That is when she informed me that I needed to tell the car that just pulled in to BACK-UP so that I could back my car up...which made zero sense.

I told her just to give me my receipt and drivers license and I would be on my merry way.
Well...wouldn't you know it.

All of a sudden , her computer locked up on her and according to her, "there were boxes popping up in front of other boxes" and she would have to redo my transaction.
Which she did..and duplicated it...and then decided she had to undo it all...while these random "boxes" kept popping up...and as I'm standing at the drive-through window.

As I was beginning to wish that Calgon would just come swoop me away, along with a vat of Margaritas...EIGHT more cars pulled up.
EIGHT cars then see me standing at the freakin' drive-through window.
The girl was still pecking away at her keyboard, so I mouthed to the driver behind me that it "wasn't me" "was her" as I pointed inside the drive-through window.
I smiled, trying to seem pleasant, but all the while knowing that every single person who had pulled up had to be wondering why I couldn't manage to conduct my drive-through business like every other person in the entire world.
I could hear my husband's voice saying something about how women don't know how to drive, roll down the car window (merge onto the interstate) or walk and chew gum at the same time ..etc....
Ages passed before the girl finally asked me to come inside.
I politely told her that I would NOT come inside and wait in line. (Holy cow - are you kidding - just give me my stuff and I'll be on my way!!!).
I was seriously ready to have an all out tantrum - but I kept that stupid smile plastered on my face.
At that point, she told me that SHE would bring everything out TO ME at my car.
So, I walked back to my car, all the while knowing that each driver behind me was cursing, making comments about how thankful they were that I was leaving and probably even commented on how incredibly white my legs looked against my black dress.
Five minutes later , after three trips back and forth to my car, the girl had finally finished my oh-so-simple banking transaction.
I was mortified and had to look ridiculously inept at banking.
The only thing that would have made it perfect was if I had toilet tissue stuck to the bottom of my shoe as I walked back to my car.

I think it's going to be a while before I visit that branch location again...
For all of you snarky little people out there.
No, I "couldn't have just gotten back into my car and drove around".
There are times when it just becomes the principle of the matter.


jennohara said...

You just had me laughing so hard!!
I'm so impressed that you stayed cool and collected!
What a crazy day! I'm glad you survived it...
I hope you went home and had a nice cold cocktail or something ;)

Nicole said...

"Julie," I had to laugh out loud with this one!