Monday, August 30, 2010

You can just pretend the question is rhetorical.

Sorry guys - you know I love you - and we all have our HUGE flaws, but seriously.
Is there any particular reason why men think that just because they are driving in their cars that nobody can actually see them picking their noses?
I think it is a valid question.
Case in point:
We were at a stop light and the guy next to us - fabulous suit, expensive car with an Alabama alumni tag - apparently had gobs of business to tend to while chatting it up on his cell phone.
Why was I looking you may be asking?
It was like a train wreck, I just couldn't rip my eyes away.
I was appalled and desperately wanted to roll down the window and offer him a tissue...or a baby wipe...or hand sanitizer...or the number to a good window tinting company...


jennohara said...

You just reminded of something I saw on the late show. It was a clip of a baseball team, overseas somewhere, and one of the players was just taking his break, picked his nose, and ATE it! On camera!!
Some men are just gross. :D

Melanie Sims said...

Oh Jenn you have given me the BIGGEST laugh I have had ALL week! We love to see Monkey growing up. It seems like yesterday they were all just babes... Ali still says, "Addy!" with a big grin every time I open the page!