Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Good Ones"

You guys know that I have my key phrases that I use for a variety of situations.

I have added a new phrase and I am starting to think I just need to write a survival guide for special needs parents.
My new phrase is, "the good ones".
This phrase began when I was so incredibly frustrated with a situation lately and I was venting to the director at Addie's school.
The phrase just came out of my mouth and stuck and then I realized just how many times I have said it since that first time.

I have said it concerning physician's, therapists, friends and other parents.
It is so very fitting and it basically sums up my thought process...
It is "the good ones" that work harder, strive further and go beyond what they feel their "job description" entails.
It is the good ones that I keep and that we surround ourselves with.
I personally hope that I live up to the standards that I expect from others.