Thursday, May 06, 2010

Heart melting moment

We are in the midst of some very, very stressful decisions right now.

As most of you know, I am very frank with Julien and there are a lot of topics that I will discuss in front of him.
The topic this afternoon was the educational system.
I will be super duper nice and refrain from speaking my mind (for now anyway) and just tell you that I was talking on the telephone to a friend and expressing my deep concern over Addie's future in the public school system.
I was talking about home school when Julien butted into the conversation to tell me that he would be more than happy to give me all of his 5th grade notes so that I could use them for Addie and that way she would be ahead of everybody else if I used his notes.

Wow...what a heart he has.
He is so afraid of Addie going to school (although we have quite a while before that actually happens) and he keeps asking me if we could just home school Addie.
It is a conversation that creeps up every few months and each time he comes home from school and tells me a story about somebody making fun of a special needs child.

Situations like that just hurt his heart.
So for now, we are focusing on the immediate and difficult decisions in hopes that our future worries will dissipate as time goes on and new opportunities arise.


jennohara said...

Addie's so lucky to have such a caring big brother who loves her so much! I'm sure everything will work least you have a few more years :)