Monday, May 24, 2010

My Momma?

When I walked into Monkey's classroom this afternoon, one of Monkey's teachers opened the door to the playground as soon as I walked into the classroom and the conversation went a little something like this:

Monkey's teacher: "Can I tell you how smart your daughter is?"

Me: "Absolutely, please tell me!"

Monkey's teacher: "Monkey saw your car and turned around and looked at me" and she asked me..."My Momma?"

Me: ....absolutely ecstatic....went and grabbed Monkey up and gave her a big hug!

Monkey's teachers were thrilled, Chris and I were thrilled - this is just wonderful!!!

Not only did she recognize our car, but she thought to ask her teacher if it was Me (and her Daddy). I could just imagine the thought process taking place for the little Monkey!

What a beautiful, beautiful day and what a beautiful sight for those who were witness to that moment!


Kim said...

I am smiling with big tears in my eyes!!!

jennohara said...

That just made my day even better! Thanks Addie :)

csmith said...


This is so awesome! I am so proud for you and Addie! She is such a blessing from God! His love never fails! Carie

Ashley said...

Very proud of you Addie!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like there's a new miracle in Addie's life every day -- and clearly she's a blessing to all of us!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

That is one word Addie will never forget...."Mommy" is her safe place & she has it down pat. I wonder what else she has stored up there to share with us next!