Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a bit of information and a great recommendation

Most of you have read before that I don't broadcast our entire lives on the blog, there is quite a bit that I keep private
Part of the information that I have kept private is the hard, hard work that Addie's daycare, awesome therapist and I have put into trying to get her ready to move up to the next classroom at school.
This is a process that started over seven months back and we are still not there yet.
It is a painful and difficult process.
Part of that process includes Chris and Me buying any type of item that is needed to adapt the new classroom to fit Addie's needs.
One of those adaptive items is a potty stool.
I took major issue with the thought of Addie having to use metal handrails - it just felt too "institutional" (if that makes sense), so I looked far and wide for the perfect item and found what I was looking for on Amazon.
We finally received the potty stool on Monday and after we put it together and put it into the powder room, it took Addie all of three minutes to figure it out.
I let her try it the first time and my silly baby girl didn't understand that she wasn't supposed to try to step UP onto the potty, so I had to redirect her and show her how to take her right hand and put it on the left rail along with her left hand and turn around.
Then came the process of getting onto the potty.
I will leave out the boring particulars, but I have two reasons for sharing this story.
~ I try to remember each day not to take for granted how easy it is for me to stand, sit, walk and turnaround. It is an effort and sometimes a struggle for Addie - it is heartbreaking.
~ If any of you are looking for the perfect potty stool to use for potty training or just as a "safety net" for your toddlers, I have found the perfect one! See below for the information for anyone interested!
Now that Chris and I have purchased one for daycare and feel it will work perfectly, now we have to buy three more for our house!
We use The Potty Stool in combination with the BabyBjorn potty seat!
Just a little tip from a Mom who has spent months researching potty stools!
Here is a look at it before we put it into the powder room.
It is very well built, sturdy and the perfect size.



csmith said...

You know Jenn, a lot of us do take for granted the standing, sitting, etc. So glad that God is always there to remind us of this! I think that potty seat is a great choice for Addie. I am not surprised a bit that it only took her a few minutes to figure it all out. She is an amazing little girl and smart as can be! God is so good! Carie :-)

happydaisy811 said...

That is AMAZING! I had not idea they make things like that!!

Let me know if you every need my help!

Allison (from Daisy's party)