Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bell Center Graduation

(I have no idea what was wrong with my camera, but the pictures from graduation turned out just terrible!)
Last Sunday, we attended The Bell Center graduation.
We were so proud of our little Trenton and Bergen - and all of the little ones that graduated!
I cannot believe that it has been over three years since I sat in a room with Trenton and Bergen's Mom's and watched as our infants struggled through each day of therapy.
We have come such a long way and I am so happy to know that I will get to see our little ones continue to grow together - there will be amazing accomplishments and beautiful memories that I look forward to witnessing!
Look at Trenton, just so proud of himself!Bergen is just beautiful in her dress!
I'm not entirely sure that Monkey would know what to do if I put her in a dress with lace on it....sigh - maybe Bergen should have a talk with her.