Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is not a negative post

This is an informational post.
An informational post about what we encounter all the time....
For starters - please notice the smile that is plastered on my face.
Chunky Monkey wanted to get into the car with this little girl, so I helped Monkey up into the car.
This little girl immediately acted like my little Monkey had the plague.
Since Monkey got into the car and thought she had to invade the little girls space, I moved Monkey over to her own side of the car and sat her on the bench.
It was at this moment that the little girl looked at me and said,
"she has a small head".
With that same plastered smile on my face I looked at the little girl and said,
"Yes, she does and she is still beautiful".
That was the conversation ender and the little girl left...leaving the little Monkey by herself in the car.
I am still trying to decide what type of t-shirt the little Monkey needs in order to display the quote:
"Carrier Monkey"
I think it should be in rhinestones on top of cottony soft blue fabric.
(Chris was on the other side of the little wall taking pictures and had no idea that he was capturing the little episode.)
(Yes, I know kids are kids and they have no filter...I just don't get why kids think she has cooties. I mean really...what the heck?)


Ashley said...

yes she is beautiful!!!!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

I agree with Ashley, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! And you're right, kids have no filter. And neither do a lot of adults. I am a better person because of Addie....blessed that she is part of my life!

XOXOXO Sweet Girl!