Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buck Creek Festival

Was it just me or did the rest of you wish that we could hang on to the weather of this past weekend forever?
Oh, it was fabulous!
We stayed outside as much as possible and had a fabulous weekend full of events!
We started Saturday by going to the Buck Creek Festival and watching the DUCK race.
This was the first year that we attended the festival since I was pregnant with Addie.
It was a bit tough venturing out knowing that we would see so many people and not knowing what kind of responses we would get.
It turned out that we met people that we had never met before - nice, nice people (thank you for stopping and saying "hello"!) and I only had one minor occurrence with one person and I completely ignored it.
There was no reason to let one person put a damper on the day!
The entire festival is lots of fun with live bands, vendors and food.
The duck race is the best though, it is a fundraiser to benefit a local charity.
People can sponsor a duck or as many ducks as they choose.
The ducks are all numbered on the bottom and the first three sponsors whose ducks go over the falls and get to the finish line wins a monetary prize, with the rest of the funds going to charity.
It is a really neat event.
~As a little side note - Addie is in love with ducks right now - loves, loves, loves them! She is just so darn proud of herself for being able to say, "duck" and she can spot one a mile away. She finds them on packages at the store, when walking by other classrooms at school and when we take her to the park, she is in duck heaven! So we were not about to miss the big race!~

(remember our falls two months back?) Of course I didn't order Addie a dress from Etsy just because it had ducks on it...sheesh...who does stuff like that?

Waiting for the big race to begin.
We opted for the parking lot of The Depot so that we could have an unobstructed view of the race.
We took a break from the festival long enough to run home and let Addie take a nap before we came back out for the race and wow - she sure does look sleepy time in this picture!


jennohara said...

What a very neat event!
...Buying a dress from etsy just to match the occasion, is also something I would do :)

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting Addie, officially! She is so beautiful. Nice meeting you too Mom!

Leslie Bartlett
Helena, AL