Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Case!


We attended Case's Birthday Party back on May 1 and what a party it was!

Case had a Big Top Birthday Party with horses, the most talented clown I have ever seen (although she was a clown and totally freaked out my child), a jump-jump, a cotton candy machine, a popcorn machine and all the related goodies!

I was beyond impressed with the details involved with this party, but if anyone deserved a Big Top Party, it was Case!

Thank you Leslie and the entire circus crew for inviting us, we had a wonderful time and were honored to be a part of Case's big day!

Addie was content to sit in the ball pit and hold Case.
In fact, she caused quite a ruckus when she was removed from the ball pit and was not happy when Case was removed from her arms! Always the best big brother!

Case loved the pony, but Addie wanted nothing to do with the pony or the big horse!
Case and his beautiful Mommy! (May 1, 2010)


jennohara said...

What a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday Case!