Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Daisy!

After the Buck Creek Festival, we went to Daisy's Birthday Party!
Daisy and her brothers are the sweetest kids and made us feel more than welcome at the party and it was such a beautiful event to witness.
This was the first time in Daisy's short little life of six years that anyone has ever acknowledged her birthday - how beautiful that she now has a family who will give her everything in life that she deserves.
Seeing her so happy to open presents was just wonderful and it was even more wonderful to watch her family find so much joy in the life that Daisy now has, because of their selfless choice.
Happy Birthday Daisy!
Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you on this very special day - it was an honor!
Daisy was more than thrilled with the bubble maker that she received as a gift.
I can only imagine the batteries that this family will go through this summer!

This park didn't have the handicapped accessible swings, so Addie couldn't swing by herself, but she had the best time watching Daisy - who is crazy over the swings!

I have decided that the balloons that were given out as a party favor will be given out at our next party.
It was the simplest, best idea and the kids had the best time and it was great because we didn't have to worry with the balloons popping, just with the kids bopping each other on the head with them.
It is the simple things in life, like bubbles and balloons, that make Daisy and Addie happy.
I think we are awfully lucky parents!This is the sweetest picture of Daisy and Addie!


jennohara said...

Sweet pictures!! Happy birthday Daisy! What a special day!

Julie said...

Thank you so much for sharing her birthday with us. We are truly blessed because of this precious little one. And we are honored that you came to celebrate her life with us. We look forward to many more celebrations to come!