Sunday, May 30, 2010

Typical? You bet!

I don't know who ordered up this weather for Memorial Day weekend, but it is just horrible!

We had all intentions of spending the day at "our" pool today and going to a friends house on Monday.
The weather was just irritating today. We were stuck in the house all day until 6:45 when the weather finally broke. I grabbed Addie and decided to head to the pool for an hour.
I realize that it was way too close to bedtime and so Addie was crabby. She did fairly well after she got into the water and played for a few minutes, but when it was time to go...
life fell apart.
Addie started fussing, screaming and saying, "no".
I went over to her, picked her up, looked her firmly in the eyes and told her,
"please don't be one of those children".


The whole time all I could think was "how typical". is good!