Monday, April 26, 2010

I know I don't say it enough

My husband is wonderful.
Here are two small examples.
Last week my car needed gas. He came and got my keys from me at work, took my car to fill it up and then when he parked my car in the parking deck, he backed my car in so that I wouldn't have to back up and pull forward 221 times trying to get out of the parking spot and then he brought my keys back to me.
The other morning (while I was upstairs getting the little Monkey ready for school), Chris got Monkey's snacks, drink, braces and shoes packed into her diaper bag and then took her bag, my purse, my drink and my carry all bag down to the car for me. He pulled my car out of the garage, left it running for me and then waited on us before he left - just to make sure we left the house okay.
Do I realize how lucky I am? You bet I do! I make sure to extend my "thank yous" and my "I love yous", but I don't broadcast my appreciation enough.
Good Monday morning to the best husband in the world.
I appreciate you and I love you!
I fully realize that your awesomeness is endless and that you do those things for me each and every time it is needed but other people don't know that.