Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blood and lack of tears

Our beautiful morning outside wasn't without incident.

As we were finishing up and about to head up to the front of the house, Addie lost her balance, in the driveway of all places, and fell right onto her knees.
This resulted in two injured legs, with blood quickly coming to the surface.
We continued up to the front steps and sat down to check out the wounds.
Addie didn't seem to mind that her knees, all covered in dirt, were now bleeding.
She was just concerned about sitting and watching neighbors walk by with their dogs.
After several minutes, I just couldn't take it anymore and insisted that we go inside.
I had to give her a bath and clean up her boo-boos.
She was fabulous!
She didn't cry when I washed her legs and she didn't cry when I poured peroxide on her boo-boos.
She was extremely interested in the selection of band-aids in the first aid box and was more than happy to put on her dress so that she could look down at her boo-boos no less than three million times every five minutes.
After nap, we headed out to the safety of the sun porch to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Addie-Pa-Tattie was excited about counting the fruit and trying to name the colors!

It's therapy even when she doesn't realize that it is.

She is such a hard worker!


jennohara said...

She`s such a little trooper!!
She`s so tough!


poor baby, but such a big girl with no tears. aiden would have lost it:)! i love her cute outfit with matching socks!!

Granna said...

What a sweetie pie!

Granna said...

What a sweetie pie!