Friday, April 16, 2010

I need a second pair of eyes to review this...

Could you guys please take a look at this and tell me if anywhere on the bag you see the words - "Tasty Chicken Flavor, treats for Monkeys"?
You don't see it anywhere?
Neither did I, but apparently it is on there.
I have a little Monkey that was so proud of herself for giving the kitties some treats and was even prouder of herself for popping one of these tasty morsels into her mouth right before I made a mad dash like a crazy woman and did a full sweep of her mouth to remove any random pieces that might have still been dissolving in the Monkey's mouth.
Ick - Ugh - Blah!
I guess she figures that she is such a good sharer, that the kitties could learn to share too...


Nicole said...

Sounds like she's just being a "typical child!" Why do they ALWAYS insist on eating the pet's food??? My poor dog had to fight for her food through BOTH of my children when they were toddlers!