Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Overwhelming is the best word that I can think of to describe this moment.
I know I ask for prayers so very often.
Outside of my family, there are four other families that desperately need immediate prayer.
I can't bring myself to focus on anything else, so please pray for these families if you feel led:
Addi - I don't know this family, but this little girl caught my heart today. She needs lots of prayers going her way - please read her story here.
Jamie - A co-worker is having surgery tomorrow to have a port placed in preparation for the beginning of chemotherapy. You can read her story here.
The Dahlens - You all know the story by now - here is the link.
and the fourth family is listed in the post above.


Granna said...

Thank you so much for sharing Addi's story. She is a special child and our world has been so turned upside down by this situation. I know now how I got to your blog...we know the Cagle family. Brandon's grandmother, aunt, and cousin attend church where my husband is the minister. The Cagle family means so much to us. While I do not know Jamie other than an occasional meeting, we are praying earnestly for her. Brandon's grandmother always shares pictures of Erin and Emily and she is so in love with them. She also thinks that Jamie is a wonderful wife and mother and her judgment is usually very accurate! The next time I see you in Sam's, I am going to walk up and introduce myself!