Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you Lexus

Thank goodness for small favors.
I came home the other night with a massive headache.
Luckily, Addie went to bed right on time and I decided that I was going to bed too.
In bed by 9:30, I was thrilled that I might just be able to sleep away my headache, when next thing I knew, Julien decided to come and check on me.
He climbed up onto the bed and had just settled back on a pillow when a Lexus commercial came on.
I was barely listening, but heard a few key words and all of a sudden, I started silently wishing that Julien hadn't picked up on those words...and then out of Julien's mouth came the words:
"Hey Mom...why don't you go buy the Lexus. It virtually parks itself and that way you won't have to back up so many times when you're trying to park".
Thank you Lexus for putting me to shame.
Even in the eyes of my Baby Boy, I park my SUV like a girl.
(Just for the record, I don't drive like a girl, it's just the parking that presents a problem. The first four SUV's I owned were easy as pie to park. This SUV has the turning radius of a large really, it's not my fault)


Nicole said...

You could just park like all the other people in town...just park wherever you want. Who cares if the car is a bit angles and you take up 5 spaces and the rear of the car is in the middle of the road! P.S. I always HATED trying to park my Pilot when I had it, however, I am now an EXPERT at parking my small car! (my husband would disagree with that statement!)

Kim said...

Too SUV has a pretty good turning radius and I still smashed the corner of it into the brick pulling into my garage...but of course it was Jeremy's fault because I was having to dodge the (plastic) garbage can that he had not pushed all the way up to the make matters worse I had my radio up real loud and did not know that I was scraping deep into the brick with my bumper and of course Jeremy was in the garage waiving his hands all over in the air and I just waived back...yeah, I have yet to live that one down...