Saturday, April 17, 2010

Warm Spring Day and a Beautiful First!

Chris and I had the afternoon free so we decided to take Monkey to a park that we hadn't visited before.
Monkey has had a few days of being really mild mannered and not very active - hopefully not getting sick - so she didn't play a whole lot at the park, just wanted to watch the other children...only after completing a task she has never completed before!
I was encouraging Monkey to go up the stairs at the playground.
I showed her how to hold the handrails, helped her get her balance and helped her get her footing on the next step up.
Then, I placed my hand on her back and waited to see what she would do and she just amazed Chris and Me!
Monkey walked up the stairs all by herself (sort of - I didn't have to help her put one foot on the stair ahead of her), it took several minutes, but she did it!!!
We were so proud of her and wanted so desperately to see it again, but Monkey wanted to just walk around and watch the other children.
It's a start.
A great, great start!
Monkey still does not have any concept of falling or appropriate depth perception, so going down stairs is not even an option, but we're still making progress!


Stephanie said...

That is wonderful!! And she looks way too cute in those pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the pictures of my little girl!!!! Tricia

csmith said...

I love this little girl! Carie :-)