Friday, November 13, 2009

One more boo-boo....

My little Monkey is very, very tough.
I hope that is all it is.
A few advisors have me wondering way back in my mind if I should be more worried about my little Monkey, but right now I think she is just a tough little cookie like her Mommy!
In fact, most times we don't know that she is hurt until we see a scrape, bruise or blood.
I had no more than settled into my morning routine at work when the phone rang. It was Monkey's teacher calling to let me know that Monkey had a boo-boo.
Monkey was "trying" to walk from the table to the refrigerator to put her cup away (because we have to take a special cup for Monkey everyday), when she fell.
She hit the side of her face right by her eye on a chair...
Her teacher said that she looked around knowing that she needed help, but never cried.
How tough is that?
When we picked her up this p.m., she has a definite mark on her face that has got to be sore!
Sweet little Monkey can't tell us if she is hurt, so I just make sure to give lots of extra kisses everyday just to cover all bases.