Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As if I could say no!

Oh come on now!
I can hear all of you now....with your snubby little, "if that was my child, I would never...blah, blah, blah", but this is my child and I didn't say "no".
No matter how very much I wanted to.
My baby boy was looking (oh heck, he was peering at me) with those green eyes that just melts my heart and asking, "hey Mom, can I get the frogs up at the front?" "I'll use my birthday money and I'll take really good care of them and you won't have to do anything and they can stay in my room and the cats won't mess with them and they're really easy to take care of...since you said I couldn't get a rat". All of this on my baby boys birthday as we are standing at a fabulous little toy store that is within walking distance to the movie theater that we were just moments from walking into.
Good grief!
They were having a 20% off Pre-Thanksgiving sale for Pete's Sake!

I caved - after the movie.
I'm allowed and it made my baby's day. I don't earn a whole lot of "Mom Points", so it's nice every once in a while to bank some.
So, meet the newest additions to our family....or as I like to fondly call them: Cat Food.

Here is Spike and Monkey (don't ask) and Allie our fat rat of a cat.
Bless their little amphibian hearts.
I'm sure she is just babysitting, ensuring that they are acclimating to their new environment...seeing as how they should be up in my baby boy's room and not sitting on the buffet basking in the glow of Christmas lights.


jennohara said...

Haha! I probably would've caved too!

Nicole said...

Don't feel bad! I've caved to birds.....TWICE! (and the second time we came home with TWO of them!) Do you know how messy parakeets are?? At least the frogs will stay in their aquarium-thingy and won't throw bird seeds all over the house!

csmith said...

Love the pic of the kitty babysitting haaaa :-)

Jennifer said...

I love frogs!