Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog is under construction

It is that time again!
I have started updating the blog with our newest pictures from Kim Sharit Photography!
Kim managed to work her magic and present me with surprisingly good pictures.
I was absolutely certain that we were all going to look like drowned rats in these pictures...but not so much!
As always, this will take me several days to get everything the way I like it (for the moment), figure out how to play with the code and sizes and to have the new header made and colors updated by my little blog helper.
As many of you know, Kim holds a very special place in my heart.
She is a fabulous photographer and a wonderful person with a heart of gold!
If you are in need of new family photos, please give Kim a call!


Kim said...

As always it was so good to see y'all...despite the elements we got some really great shots!!! I just laughed at the picture of Julien with Addie and their hair is blowing straight back from that huge gust of wind that came through!!!