Sunday, November 15, 2009

All patched up and hanging out!

We spent the day putting up our Christmas tree.
It was either today or no decorations this year since I have never stepped foot into the attic and would not even attempt it, which means that I am completely dependent upon my husband to handle all of those "manly chores".
"Manly chores" of that nature will be placed on a leave of absence as my husband very unwillingly gives in to a surgery that is long overdue this week.
Unlike the response I expect from my husband...this little elephant isn't whining, complaining or asking for anything.
Surgery right before Thanksgiving?
Apparently we are just keeping in line with scheduling our surgeries right before major holidays.


Kim said...

SO jealous that you have your tree up already...lucky you!! I think I am going to have to hire a team to come in and clean my house before I even consider getting all that stuff down...