Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slightly ahead of the game

After running home to drop off the newest members of our family, we actually managed to squeeze in a trip to Do It Yourself Crafts in order to make our annual Christmas Ornaments.
I am just so proud because we actually fit this in before Thanksgiving, which means we get to pick the ornaments up December 1st!
An entire month of the ornaments adorning our tree this year!
Julien and Addie did a great job in the time allotted (before rushing off to Julien's Birthday dinner) and I so enjoyed watching them and the effort they put forth in making these ornaments that I will forever treasure!

It is best to leave Julien alone while working....oh, and no pictures please (except this one that we just had to take)!
As a reminder, my baby boy is going through a phase of only wanting his picture taken when he chooses to have it taken.
So, there are more pictures of Monkey, but that is not by my choosing!Chunky Monkey went from crying to having a good time to crying again.
She was still battling that awful sinus infection! I can't get enough hand prints!
Trying to guide Monkey's hands from the paint pallet to the ornament and back again without her grabbing the ornament! Then she got the hang of it and painted like crazy!


csmith said...

So sweet :-) I know about the picture thing with my boy too :-)

jennohara said...

Great idea! What an awesome tradition!

Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

I love these photos of Addie painting. She looks like she is being so careful to make it perfect!